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Concussion – Head Injury

Rebuild, Renew, Recover, Prevent

Whether you’re seeking relief from persistent symptoms or looking to proactively manage the effects of a recent concussion, Conquer Functional Wellness is dedicated to offering personalized strategies to help you conquer the challenges and regain a more vibrant and balanced life. Our protocols aim to support brain health, reduce inflammation, and improve overall recovery. Our integrative approach can be your key to post-concussion recovery and well-being.

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“I was in a T-Bone car accident on my side and diagnosed with a concussion. A couple weeks in, I was still having brain fog and feeling dizzy when moving. Conquer recommended the hyperbaric chamber for me. After four one hour sessions, I was functioning normally again, clear head and moving around without dizziness.” – JJ

Packages for Concussion/Head trauma recovery ranging from $399-$1997 over a 1-4 week period*

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