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Surgery Recovery

Heal, Recover, Thrive

Conquer Functional Wellness is here to be your ally in expediting healing and ensuring a comprehensive, supportive post-surgery experience. Our specialized approach aims to support your healing journey through advanced wellness modalities. We tailor strategies to enhance circulation, reduce inflammation, and optimize overall recovery. Whether you’ve undergone surgery recently or are planning for one, our integrative protocols can contribute to a swifter and more comfortable recovery.

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“After my ACL tear and reconstructive surgery, coming to Conquer expedited my healing process…and the swelling was noticeably different in a week. The team helped me get back to my normal life way quicker than the doctors anticipated and I’m so thankful I found this place! The staff is always super kind and helpful. It’s also SUPER clean and they make sure you’re comfortable with whatever service you choose!” -JM

Packages for Surgery Recovery ranging from $199-$599/month*

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