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Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition means working to improve the function of your body through nutrition. As opposed to the mechanistic, calorie/macro counting view of nutrition that is very prevalent in our culture, we take a holistic approach. We look at the whole person, their circumstances and the data from their comprehensive blood work.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We know that oxygen aids in almost every function of the body and is a major source of energy for our bodies. Increasing oxygen means better cellular function. Better cellular function means naturally increasing stem cell production, increasing rate of healing, decreasing recovery time after exercise, competition or surgery, improving brain health and cognitive function, increasing energy levels, improving immune function, improving skin health and naturally combating many aging processes.

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Cryotherapy means “cold therapy” and in this setting it means placing your body in a very cold environment for a short period of time to produce many wellness benefits. We use the most advanced cryotherapy technology available to provide an optimal therapeutic session.

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Infrared Sauna

Our functional wellness facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Infrared saunas. The IR sauna creates a therapeutic environment for your body by increasing your internal body temperature causing increased perspiration (sweating) and vasodilation (expanding blood vessels), which enhances blood flow throughout the body.

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Lipo Laser

Weight management is a real struggle for many Americans. This is an area where we can help you make tremendous progress. We take a holistic approach to every individual. Our team of professionals will start with a consultation to evaluate your situation and goals.

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Red Light Therapy

A wide range of research has demonstrated the benefits of this technology. Many people have been observed through research to see improvements in skin conditions, pain, inflammation, sprain/strain injuries, neuropathies and age-related skin changes, just to name a few.

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