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Lipo Laser

Quick & Convenient Approach

Weight management is a real struggle for many Americans. This is an area where we can help you make tremendous progress. We take a holistic approach to every individual. Our team of professionals will start with a consultation to evaluate your situation and goals.

Unlike other procedures, Lipo Laser is a non-invasive treatment option which targets fat cells in specific areas. Lipo Laser is quick, painless, and has no downtime.

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Lipo Laser Research
Targeted Weight Loss

Our multi-faceted approach includes lifestyle analysis, nutrition journaling, exercise analysis/recommendations and state of the art lipo laser. Lipo laser is a safe and effective way to kick start a weight loss program and to target the areas which bother you the most.

Scientifically Proven

Lipo laser works by warming and releasing stored fat molecules – water, free fatty acids and glycerol – which your body will either use for energy or release through the bloodstream. Unlike other invasive lipo procedures, lipo laser will target those stubborn areas of stored fat, toning your body at a much lower cost. Each session only requires about 15 minutes of time, creating a fast, easy and convenient way to lose weight! Start dropping pounds and inches today!

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