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Whether the goal is to gain weight, lose weight, have more energy, or even reduce gastrointestinal issues, dieting often leads to cycles of discontent with little to no success. 

Also, the culture around dieting can be extreme. From fad diets like the “master cleanse” to scary historical diets centered around purposefully growing a tapeworm, the weight-loss techniques of our culture often cause more harm than good. 

In contrast, functional nutrition is an incredibly personalized form of dieting built upon the foundation of functional medicine. Here’s how functional nutrition could help you reach your health goals from Conquer Functional Wellness in Auburn, Alabama. 

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition simply means working to improve the function of your body through nutrition. Ultimately, by taking your lifestyle, activity levels, stress levels, environment, eating habits, and health history into consideration, nutritionists create a personalized dieting plan. 

So, unlike following a diet on Instagram, functional nutrition takes a more holistic approach toward your health goals. Essentially, just because a certain food or food group is deemed “healthy”, it may not be the best thing for you. 

Functional Nutrition = Personalized Nutrition

While anyone’s health is built on a foundation of getting nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quality protein, and healthy fat, how you live your life and your unique circumstances must also be taken into account. 

Essentially, functional nutrition is the utilization and optimization of standard nutrition in conjunction with a variety of personal factors. This includes the quality of your relationships and even your sleep routine, which all impact the way your body processes the food you eat. 

So whether you struggle with thyroid issues, gluten intolerance, bad gut health, or simply want to live a healthier life, functional nutrition means a personalized plan to help you in any situation. 

Conquer Functional Wellness – A Dedicated Wellness Clinic 

Within our culture, everyone seems to be an expert on the “cure” to weight loss, gut health, or a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we at Conquer Functional Wellness seek to separate ourselves from the modern functional wellness trends. 

How are we different from the rest? It starts with our registered dietitian nutritionist who has 30 years of experience helping people improve their well-being through nutrition. This means whether you are an Auburn athlete or a mom of four, we seek to help you conquer your health goals with the utmost expertise. 

Your journey starts with the creation of your customized plan. We look at data from bloodwork, your lifestyle, and all the factors mentioned above to establish a framework for the goals you have. 

If you are ready to start conquering your health goals through functional nutrition, contact Conquer Functional Wellness in Auburn, Alabama today!

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