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For any resident across Alabama looking for ways to not only minimize chronic pain but regain a youthful appearance–red light therapy is the answer. For years, dermatologists and other physicians have been using red light therapy as a non-invasive procedure to assist cellular regeneration, providing pain relief and many other incredible benefits. 

Whether you are an elite Auburn football athlete recovering from an injury or simply looking to reach your unique health goals, here’s how red light therapy could be for you from the health professionals at Conquer Functional Wellness, based in Auburn, Alabama.  

Exercise Recovery 

While we are not all elite athletes, recovery is important for every body type at every stage of life. Whether you are looking to improve your physique or trying to lose a few pounds, your body has to recover between exercises. Much like the importance of sleep in your day-to-day life, recovery allows your body to actually “optimize” between workouts. 

So when it comes time to recover, red light therapy ultimately allows your muscles to optimize further and recover faster. In a recent study between two twins, (one influenced by red light therapy and the other by a placebo) researchers found that red light therapy can be useful to reduce muscle damage, pain, and atrophy, as well as to increase muscle mass, recovery, and overall athletic performance.

Improved Complexion

Skin showing signs of aging is unfortunately extremely normal. From sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration, as our bodies age, our once collagen-saturated skin begins to produce less and less of the naturally-occurring protein. Yet, and perhaps one of the most popular parts about it, red light therapy directly combats this natural occurrence. 

In a study to test the effects of red light therapy on the skin, patients found that ​​after treatment sessions of varying lengths, they experienced an improved skin complexion and feeling, including less roughness and denser collagen. 

So, while red light therapy is far from a complete cure to the natural occurrences of aging, it has proven to not only improve the complexion of your skin but the overall health of it. 

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy directly penetrates the skin and delivers light energy to a targeted group of cells. Much like a plant undergoing photosynthesis, the cells in your body absorb the energy and are encouraged to divide. These new cells replace damaged ones and as mentioned previously, saturate the skin with pockets of collagen. 

The professionals at Conquer Functional Wellness understand that health goals are unique and through specific treatments like red light therapy, we can help you conquer them. If you’re an East Alabama resident wanting to undergo red light therapy, contact Conquer Functional Wellness today!

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