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While cryotherapy has been used by physicians for years in localized treatment for things like warts or cancer cell removal, a new form of cryotherapy known as “whole-body” cryotherapy, has quickly gained popularity among athletes and celebrities for its mental and physical health benefits.

Conquer Functional Wellness in Auburn, AL understands the many benefits associated with cryotherapy and uses the most advanced technology available to provide an optimal regenerative and therapeutic session to all Auburn and Opelika residents–not just athletes or celebrities.

How Cryotherapy Works

Whole-body cryotherapy uses a large booth, known as a “cryochamber”, that contains the whole body up to the neck. Users are required to wear minimal clothing in the chamber, such as socks, gloves, undergarments and items that protect the ears, nose and mouth.

Once inside, the cryochamber uses liquid nitrogen to expose a user to extremely cold and dry air (usually between −100°C and −140°C) for short periods of time (typically between 2 and 5 minutes). 

The Benefits of Cryotherapy in Auburn, AL

Since cryotherapy is a relatively new practice there are still many benefits yet to be discovered. However, faster exercise recovery and an overall improvement in mental health have been proven side-effects to whole-body cryotherapy. 

Faster Exercise Recovery

Pain relief and muscle recovery are typically the primary reasons athletes use cryotherapy, since it is often a quicker solution to problems solved by ice packs or ice baths. Yet, the beauty of cryotherapy is that you do not have to be an Auburn college athlete to feel these potential effects. 

Due to the extremely cold air, cryotherapy has been clinically proven to first cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels. Vasoconstriction occurs when muscles in blood vessel walls tighten from extremely cold temperatures. When blood vessels constrict, blood flow is ultimately slowed or blocked. 

Once a session of cryotherapy is over, the blood vessels immediately undergo a complete vasodilation in response to the constriction that just occurred. Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, happens naturally when an increase in blood flow to tissues is needed

With blood vessels constricting then expanding at such a quick pace, cryotherapy greatly improves blood flow to the extremities. This allows for faster recovery, nutrient delivery and removal of waste throughout the body. 

Overall Health and Well-Being

While cryotherapy is typically seen as more of a physical treatment, it can also improve your mental health. A 2021 study reveals that cryotherapy is an effective add-on for health treatments targeting anxiety, depression and even sleep.

A 2008 study reveals that cryotherapy may play a positive role in the process of treating anxiety and depression. Furthermore, another study establishes that whole-body cryotherapy is a useful method to improve standard pharmacological treatment

With a multitude of sleep aids available, it is hard to see how cryotherapy could benefit your normal sleep cycle. Though further investigations are needed, a recent study revealed that a 3-min single session of whole-body cryotherapy improved sleep quality in physically active men.  

For more information, Conquer Functional Wellness provides an extensive cryotherapy research page with recent studies on how cryotherapy could benefit you. 

Conquer Functional Wellness provides cryotherapy for all Auburn and Opelika residents. Schedule a consultation today

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