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There are innumerable articles that describe endless ways to begin your weight-loss journey. The term nutrition itself spans ideas and theories that can make it hard to keep up with the latest trends, what’s right, or what’s wrong. 

There are foundational nutrition facts that are known to be true–less processed foods, more water, and a focus on eating fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods. While this is the basis for any healthy lifestyle, it is not the key to a “perfect” diet. 

Contrary to the weight-loss concepts saturating our culture: the foods you eat, as well as your lifestyle practices, will look different from everyone else’s. 

Functional wellness takes a holistic approach to nutrition by teaching you how to listen to what your body needs and wants, rather than basing your diet on your Instagram feed. 

Conquer Functional Wellness in Auburn, AL understands the many difficulties associated with functional nutrition and offers professional methods to help Auburn & Opelika residents reach their unique health goals. 

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition simply means working to improve the function of your body through nutrition. Ultimately, a personalized plan is created that takes both your health and lifestyle into consideration to reach your unique health goals. 

In combination with standard nutrition, this could include your activity levels, health history, environment, eating habits, and stress or anxiety levels. Essentially, just because a certain food or food group has been demonstrated as being healthy, it doesn’t always mean it’s always the best thing for you. 

Functional Nutrition vs. Standard Nutrition

Standard nutrition simply focuses on nutritional facts, such as a food’s ability to promote or damage health (good calories vs. bad calories). 

While your health is built on a nutritional foundation of getting nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quality protein, and healthy fat, how you live your life and your unique circumstances must also be taken into account. 

It could be difficult to put standard nutrition advice into practice depending on a variety of factors, such as being sensitive to certain foods (for example gluten or lactose), the lack of any specific personalization to your body type, thyroid problems, or a need to detox your gut

Functional nutrition focuses on the foundation of standard nutrition all while analyzing the variety of factors found above, the quality of your relationships, and even your sleep routine, which all impact the way your body processes the food you eat. 

For example, getting adequate, quality sleep is an important part of any functional nutrition plan. Most importantly, research has shown that losing sleep while dieting can reduce your amount of weight loss and encourage unhealthy overeating

Functional Nutrition For Any Lifestyle 

Whether you’re on the starting line for the Auburn football team or a mother of five, functional nutrition is important for every individual in every lifestyle.  

Conquer Functional Wellness is committed to creating a functional nutritional plan for any Auburn or Opelika resident who is seeking to conquer their health goals. Contact us today!

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