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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment assists in the healing of a wide variety of ailments. From Auburn athletes recovering from heavy exercise to those healing from a concussion or traumatic brain injury, just about any Auburn, East Alabama, or West Georgia resident can use Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in any recovery process. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment–or HBOT–focuses on increasing the oxygen in the body by immersing you in an oxygen-rich environment with increased atmospheric pressure. This increased pressure and environment helps raise the levels of oxygen in your body in order to decrease exercise or injury recovery time. 

When To Consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT)

HBOT is proven to help reduce recovery time between workouts so you can get back to doing what you love faster. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can also aid in the healing of stubborn injuries that may be hindering your athletic performance. Ultimately, whether it’s football, basketball, yoga, biking, or whatever you do to be active, HBOT can not only help boost your recovery speed but keep bodily performance consistent. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can also be beneficial when treating many other conditions. These include surgery recovery, brain injury ailment, concussion treatment, and even general pain management. 

Preparing for HBOT

When preparing for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, you should take into consideration the length of time that the treatment can take. Since each session usually lasts between 60 minutes to two hours, you will want to arrive at your appointment in comfortable clothing. Make sure to leave any jewelry, piercings or wigs behind when preparing for your appointment. You will want your body to be as natural as possible, so avoid any perfumes or heavy deodorizers. 

What to Expect During Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

During your treatment, you will enter a chamber large enough for any adult to comfortably lie down in. As the chamber begins to pressurize you may feel your ears reacting in a way similar to that of an airplane takeoff. 

Once the treatment begins, you will be able to comfortably relax in the padded chamber as your body recovers. While you are allowed to use electronics or entertainment devices during this time, the experts at Conquer Functional Wellness encourage any patient to use this time to relax or sleep.  

Medical Considerations for Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is appropriate for most people–with a few exceptions. Those with pre-existing conditions or taking certain chemotherapies/medicines should speak with a medical professional before beginning Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. 

It’s Time for a Healthier You

At Conquer Functional Wellness, we are passionate about the health of all Auburn residents. With a wide variety of services from HBOT to Cryotherapy, there is something for any Auburn or East Alabama resident looking to live healthier lives at Conquer Functional Wellness. There’s no time like the present to start your journey towards living not only a healthier, but a better lifestyle. If you feel you could benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments contact Conquer Functional Wellness today!

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